JEN Lifestyle Medicine

JEN Lifestyle Medicine is a small, state-of-art, and patient-centered practice. Our mission is to foster a therapeutic relationship with motivated patients and help them restore and optimize health, wellness, and natural beauty, based on integrative lifestyle medicine principles.

We are a physician led team of experienced and board-certified professionals who are passionate about our work.

Good medicine is based in good science, both conventional and complementary. We combine evidence-based conventional medicine with nutrition, acupuncture, mind-body, and other healing modalities to build a treatment plan that is personal and right for you. Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive are used whenever possible.

JEN Lifestyle Medicine hopes to partner with you on this wellness journey. We are confident that you will be empowered to make lifestyle changes and engaged in your body’s own healing. We want you to feel and look your best.

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Our Name

JEN comes from the Chinese logogram . The word is considered the nucleus of all the teachings of Confucius. Over time, it has evolved, and now known to have many meanings, including altruism, benevolence, compassion, human-heartedness, kindness, and love.

The Chinese logogram is a homophonic combination of the word / meaning human/person and meaning two. It signifies the importance of having humaneness towards another – how two people should treat each other. Thus, achieving JEN is of particular interest in human relationships and especially true in healthcare due to the values presented in the meaning of the word.

JEN Lifestyle Medicine or』生活型態醫學 is chosen as our name for two specific reasons: 1) it resonates with our philosophy – we are a practice grounded in the virtues of having meaningful therapeutic relationships with our patients based on lifestyle medicine principles; 2) In 1973, Drs. Te-Huang Lin and Te-Ming Lin, our medical director’s father and uncle, established CHUNG-JEN Hospital in Toufen Township in Taiwan. Its mission, as represented by its name (CHUNG or means to honor and JEN or , the perfect virtues in any human relationships) is to provide the best medical care for the underserved population in the rural township. Ultimately, we want to take that same idea and continue with the legacy by providing the best care we can to our patients.

Our logo is an artistic interpretation of the Chinese character JEN/. On the left, , the triangle represents the human brain or heart. The rectangle represents the human body with the Rod of Asclepius (rod and snake) inside that symbolizes medicine and perhaps, a different interpretation of healing, with the snake actually wrapping around an acupuncture needle. On the right, , the two horizontal bars represent an equal and respectful human relationship that is essential in the wellness journey. The color red symbolizes blood and is associated with energy, strength, and the desire to feel well. The color blue symbolizes confidence, trust, and wisdom and is associated with a calm mind and body. Further, four colors are used to magnify LIFEstyle in our logo. The colorway uniquely represents the four pillars of lifestyle medicine: healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, and stress management.

Our Team

James LinJames Lin, MD I Medical Director

Dr. Lin is a licensed medical doctor who is board-certified in family medicine. He grew up in a medical family and saw the wonders of modern medicine from a young age. However, it was the close patient-physician relationships that he witnessed his dad have with his patients that Dr. Lin found most rewarding.

Dr. Lin started his healthcare journey in conventional medicine. After medical school he completed a family medicine residency, a geriatric medicine fellowship, and a research fellowship in advanced geriatrics focusing on mobility and falls in the elderly.

During his family medicine residency and geriatric medicine fellowship, Dr. Lin realized there was an increasing need for a different type of medicine, one that truly focused on disease prevention and health promotion. He also recognized the importance of personalized care where the traditional patient-physician relationship is valued.

The health care system in the United States heavily focuses on disease care. It is excellent in managing acute changes in health in most life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, it falls short in preventing or managing chronic diseases. Many of the chronic diseases we see today can be prevented by simply living a healthy lifestyle. However, most doctors are not equipped with the knowledge or skill to do so or they simply don’t have enough time. In short, Dr. Lin felt like he was managing patients’ illnesses without addressing the root cause.

World Health Organization defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” In pursuit of health beyond the absence of disease, Dr. Lin decided to pursue further training to help his patients feel and look their best. Over the next few years, he completed an integrative medicine fellowship (under the direction of Andrew Weil, MD & Tieraona Low Dog, MD), courses in medical and cosmetic acupuncture, lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, herbal medicine, as well as other training in alternative medicine such as reiki and autonomic response therapy. 

Dr. Lin has extensive primary care and chronic disease management experience in both academia and large healthcare settings for 15 years. He is a successful clinician as well as an educator. Aside from his clinical duties, Dr. Lin has taught medical students and family medicine residents at Morehouse School of Medicine. He also founded the Integrative Medicine in Residency (IMR) Program at Morehouse School of Medicine with funding from the Weil Foundation. After he relocated to Seattle in 2013, he continued to teach Swedish Medical Center family medicine residents and geriatric medicine fellows.

In early 2019, Dr. Lin decided to create a practice grounded in the principles of integrative lifestyle medicine. His passion is to help committed patients restore and optimize health, wellness, and natural beauty. His goal is to work with patients with wide variety of health concerns, to identify the underlying root causes of their health problems, and to address each problem with an individualized solution.

Currently, when Dr. Lin is not seeing patients at JEN Lifestyle Medicine, he is taking care of frail elderly patients in various post acute care facilities affiliated with Swedish Residential Care Team in the Seattle area and vigorously learning from the best in his field so he can continue to deliver the best wellness therapies to his patients.

Current Position:
Medical Director, JEN Lifestyle Medicine, Bellevue, WA
Staff Geriatrician, Swedish Medical Group, Seattle, WA

Professional Memberships:
American Academy of Family Physicians
Washington Academy of Family Physicians
American College of Lifestyle Medicine
The Institute for Functional Medicine

Family Medicine Residency, Morehouse School of Medicine
Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, Emory University School of Medicine
Special Fellowship in Advanced Geriatrics, Atlanta VA Medical Center
Integrative Medicine Fellowship, University of Arizona School of Medicine
Structural Acupuncture for Physicians, Harvard Medical School
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Level 1 & 2 with Michel Delune, MD
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture with Virginia Doran, MAc, LAc, LMT
MeiZen Cosmetic Acupuncture with Martha Lucas, PhD, LAc
Lifestyle Medicine: Tools for Promoting Healthy Changes, Harvard Medical School
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, The Institute for Functional Medicine
Facial Cupping Rejuvenation, International Cupping Therapy Association

Past Experiences:
Chief Resident, Family Medicine Residency, Morehouse School of Medicine
Associate in Medicine, Department of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine
Associate Residency Program Director, Department of Family Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine
Director of Integrative Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine
Associate Medical Director, Crestview Health & Rehabilitation Center, Grady Health, Atlanta, GA
Medical Director, Caroline Kline Galland Home, Seattle, WA

Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan, ARNP I Aesthetic Consultant

Sarah is a licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner specializing in adult geriatrics who is interested in natural skin care and holistic aesthetic procedures.

Sarah was born in Yakima and grew up in a healthcare oriented family. Her upbringing fostered an interest in the “whole person.” After she graduated from Loyola Marymount University studying communications and Spanish, Sarah worked in a healthcare based non-profit organization. There she realized how much she wanted to provide direct patient care so she returned to school to pursue her Masters in Nursing at Vanderbilt University.

While she loves taking care of complex frail elderly patients, Sarah also enjoys learning about skin care. Growing up, Sarah always struggled with very sensitive skin. She suffered through acne and eczema in particular. She had seen many dermatological specialists and tried many available products and medications and the results varied.

Ultimately, her vegetarian diet and holistic lifestyle led her on a journey to learn about natural skin products and how to improve skins appearance through non-invasive procedures and lifestyle medicine principles.

Sarah is a busy practitioner. When she is not taking care of her geriatric patients in a skilled nursing facility, Sarah hopes to help patients at JEN Lifestyle Medicine to enhance their skin’s natural beauty whenever possible. When Sarah has free time, she loves to spend it with her family and her dog Penny.

Current Position:
Nurse Practitioner, Swedish Medicine Group, Seattle, WA
Aesthetic Consultant, JEN Lifestyle Medicine, Bellevue, WA

Master of Science in Nursing, Vanderbilt University
American Board of Aesthetic Medicine

Past Experiences:
Registered Nurse, St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital, Murfreesboro, TN